Globalization is allowing trans-national corporations to exploit the Earth and its resources, including its people, for profit. Countries that prioritize corporate profits before the well being of their people are allowing globalization to outsource jobs as fast as possible to the lowest paying countries with the worst working conditions. This is creating a global race to the bottom that is causing the first world to become the third world. As members of the American entrainment industry who’s jobs are being deeply effected by this corrupt system by movie studios being subservient to corporate investors, our aim is to provide a resource focused on our specific industry to fight ignorance and challenge the very system itself which only benefits the richest 1%.

Occupy VFX is built on the principles of the Occupy movement which is bottom up and not top down – We are the 99%.

The primary objective of this site is to improve the quality of life for all technical jobs, with a focus on our area of expertise, digital arts, world-wide through education, organization, unionization, and protectionism in the leading first world such as The United States, Canada, and Great Britain.

We believe that every VFX artist and production staff member has four inalienable rights. These are:

1. Fair pay, including overtime, sick time, and vacation pay.
2. Fair and safe working conditions.
3. Portable health care benefits.
4. Portable retirement plan.

The site intends to provide an anonymous forum where VFX artists can get information about organization without bias, and to discuss organization without fear of retribution or job loss. Using this as a tool, we hope to provide strength in numbers for our community, and to protect our future, and the futures of all of those who wish to join our ranks and action.

Feel free to contact us at occupyvfx@occupyvfx.org.


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