Is DD ready to be organized?

Many of you have read VFXSoldier’s excellent post on some of the more questionable labor practices of Digital Domain Media Group.

We at OccupyVFX are under the impression that it is high time to mount an organizing effort for Digital Domain employees in Los Angeles and Vancouver. Since Florida is a right-to-work state it may prove more difficult to include them at first. Our goal is to follow the lead of new blogger SpiUnion and bring Digital Domain into the organizing drive.

Is the climate right for this? Artists and production management personnel must be sufficiently concerned about their current employer to want to make a change for the better. So I put it to you: is DD ready to be organized?

We would love to hear your comments on the issue. All comments posted to this page are visible to the public, so if you wish to communicate with us privately, please feel free to email us. You will find contact information on the About page of this site.

4 Responses to Is DD ready to be organized?

  1. Joey says:

    DD is a disgusting, underhanded company run by crooks that originated from wall street and other places (post Scott Ross era). They lie, cheat, and steal to do what it takes, but we know this. A much better and economical strategy is to just avoid working for them and let them collapse under their own weight of ponzi schemes and lack of innovation. Case closed. Although, the fact that you and others write about them with a sort of Stockholm Syndrome-like subtext reveals a deeper problem within the VFX community.

  2. Penang says:

    DD might just move to China – as nobody is allowed to do any “occupy” movement in China

  3. Annonymous says:

    DD is definitely needing to be unionized. Problem is that while Textor made a fool of himself he DID get the florida cash which helps keep DD afloat. Its a shit move but the climate is torn,some artist think he is a savior and other that are smarter realize how little he “gets” this industry. His business tactic makes sense, its just unethical.

  4. Stewart says:

    Pathetic! Textor is an ass. He should be removed just for the damage his ignorant remarks have dine to DD as a whole. Seriously, I think Digital Domain should be shut down, period. It’s very sad that an industry I started in as a compositing / 3d artist then VFX super in late1987. I have unfortunatly seen our industry go from the highest glory days of ground breaking creative digital Vfx and salary’s to it’s current low wage, assembly line style, none creative slavery environment. Its a joke how the actors pays have tripled or more and union production workers pay has increased steadily but post wages have been decimated, dropped off a cliff! Better to work at mcdonalds for what these idiots pay nowadays!

    Now digital domain wants you to go indebt for a career ( I use this word loosely) that now pays lower and lower wages every year. I cannot even think of a worst investment for anyone to make today. Unless of course you believe housing was a good investment?! Don’t do it, find something else to do and save your future

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