A shrinking industry allows employers to screw employees by death to a thousand cuts. First you don’t get the rate you ask for, then you don’t get overtime, then your benefits get cut, then your health care coverage gets cut, then you’re asked to not come in for a few days, then there are no dinners provided when you work late, then your parking space gets taken away, then your garbage can stops being emptied, then theres no paper towels in the bathroom anymore, etc…

Over 10 years ago we were hearing and seeing the classic regressive argument by those a-washed in fear which is always “unionizing will send the jobs away.” That same argument can still be heard today at the water cooler or in a forum online and look where all the jobs have gone with us NOT being unionized. Away to countries that have borderline slave labor.

There is absolutely no excuse anymore for every artist in the industry in the US, Canada, UK, NZ, etc to not sign a rep card so we are a globally unionized industry.

Additional information can be found here, for US-based artists –
For those of you based in Vancouver, check out IATSE local 891 –
For London-based VFX professionals, please do some research on BECTU –
For US-based artists, there is an online rep card available here –

Dave Rand couldn’t have said it better in his YouTube video, posted here this morning. We at OccupyVFX feel that Dave Rand has been an invaluable member and organizer of the VFX Protest, and we would like to thank him profusely for his efforts.

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