May Day

Tomorrow is May 1st. A massive general strike day being organized by the Occupy Movement. If you’re un-employed  or employed and able take the day (or even longer) off from work please get out there to show your support in the fight against your company that’s slowly chiseling away at your benefits while sending your jobs overseas.

If you’re like much of the middle class just one step away from being lower class and have so little disposable income that you’re simply too scared or just not willing to take off any work, at very least please don’t be a subservient happy consumer and restrain from shopping (an exception would be your small, local business of course) for all of May for crap you don’t need in the first place.

Gerneral strikes have been hugely effective through history for making the corrupt system which only serves the 1% be forced to listen to the people and have made major advances in forcing the regression machine in a progressive direction as more and more people realize they’re being forced to the bottom.

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